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Really great speakers for the cash, yet not great.... for $35 co-hub speakers they perform truly well. Try not to expect a major sound distinction on the off chance that you are as yet running your stock head unit. The power/wattage, sound quality and clearness comes more from the head unit, less the speakers, they just essentially convey the sound/move air. http://soundexperts.org/best-4x6-car-speakers/ I have four RF Prime 6.5 inch speakers in my more seasoned Jeep Grand Cherokee, and they sound quite great with my reseller's exchange Kenwood head unit. I additionally introduced 2 of these in the sound-bar of my new Wrangler, and they sound somewhat superior to the processing plant speakers. Soon I will change out the head unit and dash speakers in my Wrangler, which I am trusting those extra changes will convey the general sound quality that I am searching for. If not, I will buy some higher-end segment speakers. http://soundexperts.org/best-6x8-speakers-2017/ .